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Is Heat Lamp Required For Chicks ?

Is Heat Lamp Required For Chicks ?

Is Heat Lamp Required For Chicks ?


Hello, in this article I will give you very important details about chick care. Poultry breeding is not easy.When the chick hatches, it needs heat. We should create a heat zone for chicks without a mother, but in doing sowe have to be very careful. Various methods are used to heat the chicks. Some of those :
. Chick Heating Lamp   . Chick Heating Porcelain   . chick heating dry resistance   . electric stove for chick heating   . chick heating normal lighting bulb
I will explain these heating options in detail for you. Heating chicks can sometimes be fatal.


Chick Heating Porcelain Lamp


Chicks come out of the incubator with 37.7 degrees of heat. The ambient temperature in which you will raise chicks should be close to this temperature value.The ambient temperature set at 35 degrees on the first day should be lowered 3 degrees after every 3 days. Chick development is possible with temperature.Chick heating porcelain lamps are very dangerous. If such lamps are used, a thermostat must be connected to these lamps and the thermostat is a quality brand.should be. Chick heating porcelain lamps are very powerful, and if there is a small error, they constantly heat. Chicks can begin to die at 40 degrees. 50 degrees temperatureit is very dangerous. If you are going to use these types of heat lamps for chick heating, you should definitely connect a quality thermostat and only for 1 meter long area.You should use 1 chick heater porcelain lamp. Such heating lamps are more expensive and more dangerous than other heaters.


Chick Heating Lamp


Chick heating lamp is very diverse. Do not think of it as a lamp specially prepared for chicks. It is possible to make a heater lamp with your own skill.Any lamp that radiates heat around is suitable for chick development and brooding. The important thing is that the chick growing area should not get wind. If the wind and cold come from outsidethis area is not suitable for chick rearing. If the temperature to be provided in the chick growing area will be close to the chicks, normal bulbs can be used. stranded yellow light vintage bulbsSince it deteriorates rapidly, the energy-saving light bulbs around white should be preferred. These bulbs are placed in an empty and dry glass jar.It is laid in chick growing area with 45 cm intervals. Chicks get the heat they need thanks to these ampoules and a glass jar. Thermostat for this type of heatingnot necessary. By consuming less energy, you will have produced both heat and illumination with less material.


Chick Heating Electric Stove


If the number of chicks you produce is 400 or more, we recommend that you use an electric stove. 5 mt length 5 mt width to develop 400 chicksYou will need a room of 25 square meters in size. this room should be closed and no wind from outside. In this room, hanging from top to bottom in the middleor a stove with an electric stove (2000 w) in the middle part and 35 - 45 cm distance to the floor should be opened. For this heater, you can use a thermostat if you want andYou can fix the room temperature to 35 degrees, you can set 3 degrees of heat down every 3 days. This method for the production of large chicks is more for will be good.


How to raise chickens from chicks ?


Growing chicks is not easy. There is a difference between 50 chick breeding and 51 chick breeding. A chick goes through a lot of stages to become a chicken.Care for 50 or fewer chicks is different, and development for more than 50 chicks is different. As the number of chicks increases, care and health interventions change.Medicines and vaccines are not required up to 0 - 50 chicks. For 50 - + chicks, various vaccinations and spraying are required until the chicks are 6 months old. Number of communitiesHealth interventions increase as the number increases. Raising chickens from chicks is good ground cleaningdepends on it. Large enterprises use pine shavings cut from pine wood for chick breeding. The reason for this is to clean the chick raised area with not being done and the soil is contaminated with fertilizer every second. Fertilizer pollution smells and various viral deadly diseases such as salmonella occur in a short causes. Pine shavings are used to prevent this. Pine shavings are found in sawmills. When you use pine shavings 5 ​​cm thick under the chicksIt allows to keep the bottom of your chicks odorless and clean for a long time. Pine shavings do not produce lice and parasites, the dung of the chicks dries quickly as soon as they touch pine shavingsand odor does not occur. Therefore, the disease does not occur. Regardless of the number of chicks, we strongly recommend using pine shavings.


How Should Chick Drinkers Be ?


Every detail is important in chick breeding I detail all the details for you. Another important issue that chicks need is water drinkers.Water bowls should be clean and not wet the chicks' feet. Your chicks can get CRD disease if their chicks get drinkers or give wetness to the floor.CRD disease is a respiratory infection due to chills and is fatal. It can occur in various diseases with foot wetting. Using nipple drinkers for thisIt is recommended. Nipple drinkers are mounted on a fixed area and water is transferred with the help of a tank with a hose. Nipple drinkers to allow chicks to enteris not a suitable product. The nipple cannot enter the drinker.Nipple drinkers should be adjusted according to the chick size. It should be raised to the neck of the chicks. The chicks extend their height by pressing on their fingers andthey can extend their necks by opening 2 cm. Nipple drinkers connected to the water tank provide you convenience. You don't have to go between the chicks to fill up the running water.It is sufficient to fill the water tank from the outside. This way your chicks drink healthier water. Since they can feces into the normal drinkers on the groundAt the same time, they can suffer from a few diseases such as salmonella. Nipple drinkers are advantageous in this respect. Chicks cannot make fertilizer in nipple drinkers.


How Should Chick Feeding Be ?


So far, you have taken all the precautions for your chicks. You have set up the heat, floor covering and drinker system. The work you have done so far is the health of your coophe was maximized. Feeders can be as you wish. Since the place where the chicks rush is dry, odorless, feeds on the ground are not a problem. With a low probabilityIt may be possible for chicks to eat manure, but this is very unlikely. Chicks do not like the taste of manure and never eat dry manure. Your feeders are 60 km horizontal automaticit can be dry feeder. If you prefer the mangers with storage, you will not be in the chicks and do not disturb them. Chicks average 1.30 kg in 30 daysthey consume feed. You can adjust the manger according to this account. Getting into chicks can sometimes be fatal. The chicks escaped with fear and crush each other.This is an undesirable event. Automatic feeder and drinker systems remote control heat systems are very important due to this situation. If you are feeding 50 chicks and fewer chicksGetting in between may not be a big problem. If the number of chicks is more than 50, it will often be a problem to get in between. These problems are internal bleeding due to crushing,problems such as leg breaks, wing injury, beak breakage in chicks. At the same time, psychologically stress-related deaths and developmental decline can be observed.


How should chick breeding ventilation be ?


Aeration, ie oxygen, is important in chick breeding. This ventilation should be calculated according to the number of chicks or an automatic thermostat system should be used.Some thermostats work with temperature, humidity and oxygen adjustment. chick growing area should be fed with at least 90% oxygen. Chick development as the oxygen level decreasesit slows down and the 40% oxygen level becomes fatal for chicks. We strongly recommend that you install smart automation in the chick breeding area for 50+ chicks. 50 - for chicksyou don't need these automations. This intelligent system keeps the ambient temperature constant as you set it, and at the same time, settings such as oxygen and lighting are the only pointslets you do it on. So far, when you follow all our suggestions, you can easily make your chicks chicken and grow them healthy.

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