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Paradise Parrot Live Camera

Paradise Parrot Live Camera

Paradise Parrot Live Camera

The paradise parrot is now available 24/7 as a live camera. The lovebird lives in the same place as the natural habitat and other animals. Follow with live camera how you live how it gets along with other animals. Let's give some information about the paradise parrot.

Life expectancy: 10-15 yearsThey are quite curious, social and noisy, volatile birds. It is possible to hear their voices at any time of the day, but especially in the morning, these voices are even moreThey are very active parrots, they are always mobile because they must be carefully monitored when they are removed from their cages because they like to chew and chew. They can steal furniture, walls, electric cables.They may exhibit aggressive behaviors from time to time Although they are very small species of parrots, it is argued that a thesis can be maintained with other birds and larger parrots in the natural habitats, or that food fights may continue to be against you at home. We would like to know that there are parrots in addition to

Because they are a volatile species, the cage dimensions should be in angular forms, which will allow them to make small flights in and around them. Do not make the wing of your paradise parrots Do not adjust the wing of the tree branches (Citrus trees, Ash Tree, Magnolia, Elm, Eucalyptus, Australian Pine, mulberry tree) and different thickness of the beak and nails to keep the length of the file is useful to stay fixed (beak is very strong and climbing, it is vital that beak maintenance can be performed because it uses the beak in vital processes such as displacement, seed crushing

They are usually recommended to be fed as their spouses because they live in very large groups in their nature. Mating and breeding is to be taken as a single must be closely watched and love must be shown to be difficult to domesticate, the trust is difficult to win But if you are to be fed alone is the first condition is also possible to domesticate an adult paradise is almost impossible to domesticate 50-70 days of offspring ideal for domesticated two adult paradise for domesticated offspring the most plausible way to stay away from the trust of a heaven by staying away from him to talk to him, eat a loved one You should try to attract attention with colorful toys to prevent it from being bored

Also, like all other species, changing water, feed and underneath the cage every day, washing the perches, feeders, accessories and toys in the cage with warm soapy water every week is necessary for a healthy lovebird

Paradise parrots love to bathe in their cages, especially in the summer months to have a continuous bath will be useful if you wash your paradise parrot with water spray to be careful of the nose and ears to get wet and the bird to sleep when wet to prevent.


Like the same budgerigar in their nature, flower and plant seeds, sunflower seed (we know the salt-free core) are fed with green leafy vegetables, fruits are prepared for the budgerigar as ready bait are also suitable for your paradise parrot, but only the ready feed is not enough for feeding. fresh fruits and vegetables should be provided in this way by giving the vitamin All of the fruits are acceptable, but due to their high water content should be presented in small amounts to avoid the condensation. Also the fruit beans must be extracted because they will be toxic. Mixture can be given on a daily basis. According to the season can be in the form of apples, bananas, oranges, apricots, peaches, grapes Green and red peppers from vegetables, broccoli, dandelions, peas, celery, corn, green beans can be given peanuts (walnuts), walnuts, baked chicken, lean and salt-free cheese, fat-free yogurt, scrambled eggs, rice, low sugary low-sodium cereals and other foods can be given as previously mentioned in the budgerigar with toxic effects can cause death avocado, chocolate, apple seeds should never be given Foods high in fat and salt should be strictly avoided.

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