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Carrier pigeons were animals that have been used as communication tools in the past centuries. To send news and letters from a different address to a different addressthey were used for many years. As the carrier pigeons are larger than other pigeons in mold, by wild predators like other breeds of pigeonsit is difficult to capture and it is more difficult to kill.

Predatory birds attack their prey, provided that the animals they hunt are smaller than their own mold. In this caseThe animal that will want to hunt the carrier pigeon must be larger than the hawk and be more agile to fly faster than the carrier pigeon. Carrier pigeons otheris very different from pigeon breeds. It is larger and does not have the ability to play in the air.

The biggest known enemy of the carrier pigeon is the sky-born. Hen harrierIt is the fastest living creature in the world that can dive at 420 km speed in the air. Carrier pigeons still send mail and small packages in some regions of the world.It is used. Carrier pigeons are creatures that can carry objects attached to their legs without problems up to a maximum weight of 75 grams.




How carrier pigeons are trained is an event that many of us are curious about. How to send mail with the carrier pigeon? Can the carrier pigeon go to a different address?Let's briefly talk about them. The training of carrier pigeons is a fun event, although it seems difficult at first.

Carrier pigeons firstly into a poultry nestthey need. If you want to feed more carrier pigeons for 1 Pair of Carrier pigeons or according to the number of mail you send,you should design it so that they can be comfortable. You have set up your carrier pigeon and bought a new carrier pigeon. Getting used to the carrier pigeon.The most important rule is to wrap the wings of the pigeon with tape. Your bird will no longer be able to fly after taping the wings of your carrier pigeon. In the housedo not feed.

There should be only water in the house.The house where your carrier pigeon is located should open early in the morning and feed your bird outside.Feed your carrier pigeon in the same way in the morning, afternoon and evening without getting dark and spend a total of 2 hours a day outside the house.Your bird will see around and adopt the set better.

You should definitely get a mate for the homing pigeon. Unique carrier pigeons cannot be used to send mail.You should match your bird with the spouse you will receive. After pairing, your bird now fully adopts the set.Do not unfasten the wing bands in your carrier pigeon for 1 week. After your operations, you can untie your carrier pigeon on the 8th day.The same method should be applied for each carrier pigeon.

After 8 days, your pigeon lapping into the poultry house will be finished. No longerYour pigeons have gotten used to the henhouse. With the wings untied and free, continue feeding your birds outside the poultry house for 1 week. These processes require patience, butDon't worry, it will be even more enjoyable.




The construction and design of poultry varies for each type of pigeon. Carrier pigeons are sporty birds and are larger than other pigeons.Poultry houses should be designed differently according to these features. First of all, what should be the poultry size for 1 pair of carrier pigeons?We evaluate 1 pair of carrier pigeons as male and female. 1 meter width should be 1 meter depth and 1 meter height.Since your carrier pigeons will be matched, there must be 1 pigeon nest.

Since pigeons rest in roosts, they need roosts where their feet can be easily grasped and their nails nailed.1 roost must be 1 meter tall. This roost may be a wooden broom handle. Having wood is good for health.The set of pigeons you will make must be designed from materials that rodents and reptiles cannot enter. Reptiles and rodentsit often bothers your birds and can cause them to get sick.

You should definitely use ventilation in the house you will build on your carrier pigeons. Ventilation dimensions for a house height of 1 meter should be as follows.It should be 35 cm wide and 35 cm high in square form and close to the ceiling. The pigeon should face the nest, not directly.Another point to pay attention to in the pigeon house is the direction of the poultry ventilation. The first direction that sees the sun is important in your location.

MorningVentilation should always look in that direction wherever the sun is rising. This is a very important issue for health.There should be no 2 vents in the pigeon house. The disease is very common in poultry houses with 2 ventilation units.Insoles are indispensable in the set of carrier pigeons, although there are several variants, I will tell you about the best method.Since pigeons make their feces in the house they live in, stuffiness and bad odors occur in the house.

After these bad smellsFatal salmonella disease, which is a poultry disease, occurs. It causes you to lose your birds in a short time. To prevent thisPlastic bases used in pigeon coops should be used. The plastic insoles send the manure into the space in the bottom and with pigeonscuts the contact of the fertilizer. These insoles work to some extent because they need to be cleaned every week.

In the long term, you can use it for months without doing house cleaning.There is a method. You will take care of all your trouble with dust-free sawdust cut from pine tree. Sprinkle this shavings to the bottom of your house by 5 cm thick plastic.When you place the bases on them, there will be no odor, dirt and illness in your house.You have now finished most of your carrier pigeon house, but how the drinker should be. If you are using drinkers and feeders in the poultry, dove must be should use the drinker.

Despite all the precautions, if your pigeons can feces inside the drinker or feeder, if the drinker and feeder get dirty, this salmonellais a big reason for them to be.You have now made a wonderful home for your mail pigeons. What's next ?





Before I use the carrier pigeon for postal purposes, I will convey the things to be done in order, you must make these sequences exactly. Carrier pigeons have been foundIn order for them to be fully accustomed to the house, they must match and then grow eggs in the house and look after these pups.

Pigeonsthey become over-dependent on poultry houses where they take care of the kittens, socialize with the offspring or even match. Carrier pigeons are emotional and sensitive birds. They lived the firstsIt is very difficult for them to break away from poultry houses.



When you own a carrier pigeon, the first thing to do is that the business carrier pigeon is the young carrier pigeons that have not yet been connected to the poultry house.It is very important. Post pigeons, who have been accustomed to the old coops and have their offspring removed, can leave the house after a certain time.If you are going to buy the homing pigeon for postal purposes, you should definitely contact the expert of this work and examine its references.

The carrier pigeon must be original. Otherwise whatcan be?If the place where you will receive the carrier pigeon is unreliable and there is a defect in the blood of these pigeons, your carrier pigeon can replace the desired mail.It does not bring. As the mother and father of the carrier pigeon are important, when we go back, the grandparents and their father must be the original homing pigeon andThey should carry. The carrier pigeon should only be obtained from people looking after the carrier pigeon and raising the transport pigeon for competitions.




You have done everything up to the carrier pigeon and now you want to come to the mail sending stage. Yes, there is good news, now you have a few days to send mail.You got used to your carrier pigeons to your house, the pigeon house, the wings dissolved, they made kittens once and raised their offspring.

Now for the father carrier pigeonwe are starting to practice training.Take your carrier pigeon out of the house early in the morning and place it in a cage or box.Take your carrier pigeon with you and go 3 km away and put your bird in the air. Remember, we will send the mail with men, so they can trainWe have to do. The female carrier pigeon will be waiting in the henhouse.Your carrier pigeon will easily cross this distance to the cluster.

The other day, take the male carrier pigeon 6 km away and release it in the same way. You will see that he came back to the henhouse again.Leave the next day at a distance of 10 km. and give them their 10-day workout.Training distance of carrier pigeon on daily basis should be as follows.1st day 3 km2nd day 6 km3rd day 10 km4th day 13 km5th day 16 km6th day 20 km7th day 23 km8th day 26 kmDay 9 30 kmThe 10th day should be released at a distance of 33 km.

After these exercises, your carrier pigeon will get to know its surroundings better and find its cluster faster. Now your carrier pigeon is ready to send mail.




I tried to briefly talk about owning, feeding and other details of your carrier pigeon. Your carrier pigeon is now eligible to send mail. Send you mailYou should bring your male carrier pigeon to the person you want. Carrier pigeons never forget the coop where they grow up, match up, look after their babies. Of course at the beginningIf you follow the qualities we have understood and you have an original pure blood homing pigeon.

The carrier pigeon is left entrusted, so you want it to send you mailThe person should not be accustomed to an environment like poultry. A male carrier pigeon can be looked after in a bird cage with a size of 50 CM. Where you left it entirely.pigeons should not be placed.

Even after 1 year, 1 year later, no matter what is attached to the leg of the carrier pigeon, 75 grams and heavier, it will be used.returns to the house and spouse you are. If you want to exchange mail from the same channel; It must necessarily perform poultry and exercise operations on the opposite side like you.On the two sides, the carrier male pigeon picks up and when the mail arrives, you will send the mail to the carrier male pigeon that belongs to the other party in the same way.delivers.

Carrier pigeons went back to the coops they were used to. How will the continuation be provided? When using this method in the past centuries for 1 set of pigeonssometimes 10s, sometimes 100s of pigeons were trained. Carrier pigeons sent to the other side will not be returned, they will be taken by horsementhe mail would be brought back to the area to be sent. But we can think like this. It makes more sense to feed 20 pigeons and then send 20 mail.




The carrier pigeons deliver the mail to the other party at different times according to the weather conditions and distance. For example, 1000 km in good weather without rainthey can exceed a long distance in a maximum of 1 week. For 500 km distance, the transport pigeon reaches its address in approximately 4 days. During this time, the transport pigeonWhat could have happened if he didn't come back? As we explained at the beginning of our article, the enemies of pigeons are many in nature and the homing pigeon is larger than other pigeon breeds.and because it is faster, there are few species of birds of prey that hunt for transport pigeons among raptors. However, it is not impossible for the transport pigeons not to hunt.

If the transport pigeon has been spotted by the skyborn and the sky-born has attacked the transport pigeon as prey, the probability of the homing pigeon getting rid of this situation is about 25%.The periods when the postal traffic you send with the transport pigeons is the best is the hot season. Because in winter, predators find prey in cold seasons.they have difficulty, some of them are completely hungry and live a period when they have to hunt. During this cold period, the offspring periods of predators overlap. Boththey need to feed themselves as well as their offspring. For this, more danger arises for more prey and homing pigeons.




Feeding of transport pigeons is important. Transport pigeons should not be fed with one type, i.e. always the same feed. When the transport pigeon is in a standstill in the houseshould be fed wheat. The transport pigeon should be fed only with a mixture of corn and wheat in December, January, February. The homing pigeons are out of these periodsMixed sportsmen mixed pigeon feed should be used because they will lose a lot of energy to heat the eggs when they make eggs.

Do not forgetIf we do not pay attention to these feed types except the periods we have mentioned, the homing pigeon can gain excess weight and the pigeon falling from the condition has difficulty flying. To his destinationit goes longer or never reaches.




As with transport pigeons and other pigeons, their brains are ion-rich. Thanks to these ions and the magnetic field of the world, you can easily find their directions andthey reach their goals. These ions are present in every pigeon breed, but in the transport pigeon this ion charge is many times higher than other pigeon breeds. In various sourcesAlmost all information is the same, although different information is given.

Even if a transport pigeon flying the same distance repeatedly exceeds 1000 km in a week for the first timeAt the other end the same distance goes faster. How does this happen? Transport pigeons do not only use the ions in their brains but also the bird's eye viewthey can store their shapes in their memories. Distance training we talked about in our training topic, distance training we talk about on sportsto help them complete.

in your daily homing pigeon training, when you release the homing pigeon from more distances every day,the shapes of the ground increase and it enables the house to find its way faster. There are a lot of topics to be written for homing pigeons. Whatever you wonder is the transport pigeonYou can specify in the comments about and have updated information from us.




All pigeon breeds have different shapes, colors and features. Even if we have gathered all pigeon breeds under the name of a pigeon in one namewe must know that the characteristic feature of each race is different. The transport pigeon must be in the same house as its own breed.

With other race pigeonsIt should not be confused. Carrying pigeons can be chosen by other breed pigeons, even creating a restlessness that you cannot understand in the poultry can cause your birds to be stressed inside the poultry house. Even if the transport pigeons are bigger and more robust than other pigeons,one of the emotional animal breeds.

They are very jealous of their spouses and never forget their spouses, even if they are 5 years apart from their spouses. Separate for all breeds of pigeonsIt is very important for all races to make separate poultry houses and keep them apart.

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