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Russian Orloff

Russian Orloff

Russian Orloff Chicken

Orloffs, originally located in the northern part of the Gnjilan region of Northern Iran, were named after the Russian Count Orloff-Techesmensky. They first appeared in the St Petersburg wing conference in 1899, and then exported to Europe and the United States. However, in 1774, the author Houdekow suggested that the Orloffs were well known in Russia under the name of Chilianskaia.


Orloffs are remarkable birds. The drooping eyebrows, the curved beak and the big beard make it look bleak and spiteful. But these chickens are far from the casket. In fact they have a living character, they are curious and intelligent, and they are usually the first to look at what is new to their environment. Early in the month, laying hatching chicks continue to lay eggs throughout the winter.

Usually the scaly color is the most commonly found, however, white, mahogany and sometimes cuckoo and black.Orloffs are rare species, but their number has increased in recent days, yet the dwarf form is already quite rare.

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For beginners, Orloff does not have much trouble. During the general check, the beard and nasal hairs should be checked for lice. The Orloffs are overprotective, so extra observation is required when adding new birds.

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